Christophe Robin Shade Variation Color Masks


We are super excited to bring in Christophe Robin Color Conditioning hair masks. As a green beauty salon, these are products that we highly recommend for all of our clients who want something to maintain their naturally rich hair color without stripping it of moisture. Christophe Robin provides these nutritive masks for all different shades of hair from brown to platinum blonde. At SKH, we carry shades for light brown, dark brown, red, golden and platinum blond hair colors. 

We believe that your hair color needs to be supported between salon visits. If you feel your brown is drab or your blonde is too warm, this mask will be the perfect pick me up between salon visits.

What we love about these masks is that they use natural oils to replenish and moisturize the hair while also helping to provide an extra boost of shine and color to your hair. It's the perfect quick and easy leave in treatment and you only have to use it once per week for 5-30 minutes to see and keep color-enhancing results. 

Stop by Sarah Kahn Hair and pick it up locally in Seattle!