Get Full, Natural Brows with EcoBrow

Introducing our New Favorite Brow Product

EcoBrow is an outstanding brow wax that is completely buildable and natural-looking. With a varied range of colors, you will be sure to find a shade suitable for your brow color. Brow wax may be new to you, but don't fret! We have a quick tutorial in this blog for you. We recommend using an angled brush like the EcoBrow Defining Brush to apply the product to the brows to get the most precise definition and those sharp edges while still keeping it natural. Come stop by the store and pick one up


How to Apply

1. Dab

Use the angled side of a flat angle brush (or the EcoBrow defining brush) to dab into the product. This way you can evenly coat a light layer of the product onto the brush unlike swiping, which can pull out too much product. Dabbing is the way to go if you want to start off light and build it up!


2. Fill

Now that you have product on the brush, it's time to fill in the brows. To keep it as natural as possible, fill in the sparse areas first with short strokes and go from there to build it up.


3. Blend

Use a spooley (like on the other end of the defining brush) to blend out and shape the brow. We like to work up the bristles so they don't look too clean cut to blend out the product and then when we reach the arch, we slope down the rest of the hairs to create that edge at the end of the brow. 

Pro tip: If you want more definition, use a clear brow gel or mascara to lock in the shape!



And there you go! That is the finished look. We love this product because its naturally derived, mineral-based, paraben-free, made with Vitamin E and never tested on animals!