5 Tips for the Perfect Blow Dry

Best Blowdrying Tips for Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair

Some hair fanatics would argue that there's nothing more fabulous and elegant than a carefully conducted blow dry. When done right, the blow dry can be easy, fast, and long-lasting. Especially for those with frizzier hair and those that want to keep those baby hairs under control all day, these tips will be perfect for you! In addition, stop by our green beauty haven/salon in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood for all your hairs (and more) needs. For those of you fully committed you can take our blow dry lesson where we can show you how to perfect your at home blow dry. 


Tip #1: Use the Proper Tools

You don't want to start your blow dry off using a brush that's full of hair or an old blow dryer that could break at any moment. Make sure you have the best tools. In the salon, we use Enso Blow Dryers for their technology that fastens the drying time while minimizing the damage to your hair. It is also important to use a brush that is ceramic, boar bristle or a gentle heat protectant barrel. This dryer should last you 500 hours, try to add up how many blowouts that would be!


Tip #2: Remove moisture from the hair with a MicroFiber Towel

In order to have the perfect blow dry, it is important to remove as much moisture from the hair as possible before blow drying. This turban is our favorite way to remove moisture from the hair quickly and gently. One we love is the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban. This can also double as a spa opportunity to sit with a hair or face mask on at the same time. *Wine not included but encouraged. 


Tip #3: Prep the Hair with Effective Products

It is important to prep the hair with products that will minimize damage and also provide a good lasting style. On top of that, find that natural and organic hair products work the best for you and the environment!  While this is dependent on your hair type, the 3 products we always use when blow drying are a leave in treatment, a smoother or volumizing product, and a finishing serum. Some of our favorite brands are Davines and Leonor Greyl for their excellent curation of ingredients and the effectiveness of their products. Leonor Greyl has amazing serums and nourishing styling treatments for all hair types. 


Tip #4: Roots First

Don't aimlessly blow dry your hair. We start at the roots first and go down so that each strand gets the right amount of heat. This way, you are much more effective when blow drying and your hair will dry much faster. It's very important to take your time but also utilize it to get the most out of your time. Treat your hair with care!

PRO TIP: When done drying the hair make sure your dryer has a cool shot button. This feature cools the cuticle down adding more shine! 


Tip #5: Smooth Ends with a Brush

Take sections from the nape to the top working away from your face. This shouldn't take as long as drying the roots and this is where things get fancy. The key is to use the brush to roll the hair at least once around the barrel of the brush. Another very important overlooked step is that the hair has to be 100% dry. Remember if the hair has any moisture left it can sneak back up the hair and make it frizzy again!


Now that you know all our blow drying secrets, it's time to try it out on your own. If you are still unsure, book our blow dry lesson online to perfect your round brush!