The Best Sunscreen for a Seattle Summer

Brush On Block SPF 30


Summer is finally upon us and we would like to introduce you to our favorite natural and non toxic sunscreen. The Brush On Block is a broad spectrum mineral powder sunscreen with SPF 30 and we love it because it's formulated without any of the harsh chemical ingredients of regular sunscreens. It's an easy to carry, self-dispensing brush that is good for both sensitive skin and children! It's perfect for every day activities and goes on translucent. This applicator is perfect to touch up with throughout a hot day. 

 It can also be applied on the scalp and is also sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. And there is so much more to say about it! The Brush on Block comes in a translucent and tinted version for those that want some coverage with their sunscreen. Come and pick it up in our store! Choose from tinted or translucent depending on your needs. 

PLUS: For those that are traveling this summer, this is a great sunscreen to carry on board as it is TSA-friendly and compact.