when at-Home Hair Color goes wrong

How to Fix a Bad Color Job



You’ve colored your own hair, its bad..really bad. What do you do next? Stop at a salon and make a consultation with a talented stylist in person.

Communicate with the Stylist

Make sure to tell your stylist what you did on your own. Be honest and the stylist will be able to prep for choosing the right process and color to fix your hair. 


Set a Goal

Have a realistic goal in mind for your hair and the stylist will do their best to correct your color as much as possible in as few sessions as needed. Bring in a picture of a hairstyle you were originally aiming for before the bad color job. 


Multiple Sessions

You have to be ready to come back soon for another color fixing session. Color correction usually isn't a quick fix and in order to make the hair as close to the goal as possible, it must be done in a process that takes time to get you back on track. This service is rarely and almost never a one appointment fix. 


Follow the Stylist's Tips

Make sure to take note of the tips that your stylist gives you on your hair for at home care. Follow the steps and use the right products to get your hair back to the condition it needs to be at. This is a key step as your hairs condition is already compromised and well need to repair in both in salon and at home. 


With a little bit of time and some TLC for your hair, together we can fix your color and get closer to your  hair goals! We are happy to help you on your journey to the perfect hair color, book a consultation with us.