Vintners Daughter Active Treatment Essence is launching on 9/16 at Sarah Kahn Hair

Vintners Daughter- Active Treatment Essence is landing at

Sarah Kahn Hair September 16th

We recently had a phone call with April Garguilo (founder of Vintners Daughter) and learned some amazing details about the long awaited Active Treatment Essence!

We are huge fans of Vintners Daughter Serum … and honestly our skin has never looked better. The second launch in 5 years Active Treatment Essence is the yin to the Active Botanical Essence yang. This duo is going to complete all your skin needs. You can get on our waitlist for Active Treatment Essence by emailing, DM-ing us instagram or stopping by the salon anytime.

Here are some facts to get you in the know ⇩

Active Treatment Essence vs. Active Botanical Serum

Your skin needs both moisture (to prevent dryness) and hydration (to prevent dehydration) to thrive and be its very best. Active Botanical Serum feeds your skin oil-soluble, multi-correctional moisture while Active Treatment Essence serves water-soluble, deep hydration. Together, they deliver truly comprehensive, full-spectrum nutrition to all skin types and concerns.

― The Active Treatment Essence ―

· Multi-correctional formula

· Effective at treating all skin types and issues

· Delivers water-soluble nutrition to the skin

·  Addresses hydration at a foundational level

· Provides gentle, daily exfoliation

· Stimulates collagen production with plant stem cells

· Five-week-long formulation process (compared to the industry average of just a few hours) to ensure full-spectrum nutrition

· Fermented nutrients

  • Maintains hydration by creating a matrix on the surface of the skin to protect and lock in the moisture.


We’ve tried it, we love it. We know you will too!

Come in to Sarah Kahn Hair on 9/16 to get your hands on both the, highly anticipated, Active Treatment Essence AND Active Botanical Serum . The dream team!

You can find us in beautiful Seattle, WA located in Lower Queen Anne. Inside the Marqueen Hotel.

We cant wait to meet you.

Skin Love is Self Love.

xx SKH ♡