Kjaer Weis × Caroline Issa

Kjaer Weis Kjaer Weis × Caroline Issa now at Sarah Kahn Hair


Caroline Issa’s personal style had been garnering the attention of photographers for years, long before the crest of street style and definitely before the invention of Instagram. As the long-time fashion director of TANK, the bi-annual fashion/art publication, and the editor of online magazine becauselondon.com, she brings a brainy point of view to fashion while keeping the fun of it intact. Which is kind of how you’d describe her look: A quick scroll through the years shows serious tailored pieces mixed with feminine flourishes, often finished with a flash of red lips.

It was almost instinctive then, that the collaboration between her and Kjaer Weis eventually centered around two distinct reds; Amour Rouge, a spicy, orange-red and Sucré, deep, blood red. But beyond her personal style, the collaboration seeks to align with Caroline’s intelligent, substantive take on fashion, beauty and culture. Her work has always dug an extra layer or two beneath the surface, which is why this collaboration came with an intention beyond beautification: It was made to support women survivors of war.

With 25% of Kjaer Weis x Caroline Issa sales donated to Women for Women International, the two camps have essentially parlayed makeup to help give women living in some of the world’s most dangerous places the skills and resources to support their families and transform their lives. For the last 25 years, Women for Women International has helped more than 479,000 marginalized women in conflict-affected countries such as Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Nigeria and Rwanda.They’ve been instrumental in helping them transform their lives and communities through vocational training and financial education. Program graduates go on to start small businesses, working as tailors, farmers, artisans. With skills and earning power, they’re able to create a ripple effect of well-being, improving their family’s health and prospects. And with this collaboration, the collective hope is to create our own ripple effect, contributing to Women for Women International, one lipstick at a time.