Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Refill

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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Refill

  • This is a REFILL for Cream Blush compact
  • Sun Touched is a rich coral that brightens the eyes and gives a youthful sun-kissed look that is perfect for all skin tones.
  • Blossoming gives a fresh-faced look, with a healthy glow and a subtle sheen.
  • Embrace is the perfect hue for moments when the palest hint of blush is all that’s needed; it can also be used on the lips as the perfect foil to a bold, defined eye.
  • Lovely delivers a soft, pink flush to the cheeks, although rich with pigments, the shade is flattering on all skin tones.
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Natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil and nourishing beeswax make Kjaer Weis blushes easy to apply and spread across the cheeks while castor seed oil and Rose Rubigniosa seed oil help them combat signs of aging.

  • Cream Brush

    Produced in Italy
    CCPB Certified Organic (These shades only: Abundance, Joyful, Sun Touched, Lovely, Blossoming, Desired Glow, Embrace, and Precious. Above and Beyond and Happy Cream Blush include a small amount of artificial color. Please see ingredients section below for further information.)
    NO artificial ingredients, such as petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance, petrochemical emulsifiers.
    NOT tested on animals
    Gluten FREE
    This product is not vegan


    Shelf Life

    30 months before being opened, 12 months after being opened.



    Certified Organic: Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, a minimum 95% comes from organic farming.
    *(Disclaimer: The colors Above and Beyond, and Happy use the same formulation as other Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, but also contain small amounts of artificial pigment and are thus not certified organic. The stringent standards of the CCPB will not certify these colors, but the good news is these artificial pigments account for less than 1% of the total product formula. The remaining 99% of our non-certified products still contain the cleanest, most luxurious organic and natural elements found on the market.)


    Contains luxurious, organic ingredients such as:

    Castor Seed Oil: Strengthens the skin .
    Beeswax: Nourishes and moisturizes, wonderful for drier complexions .
    Jojoba Seed Oil: Adds moisture to the skin .
    Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil: Excellent tissue regeneration properties; fights signs of aging.
    Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract: Antioxidant; works as a natural preservative.


    How To Apply

    The Kjaer Weis Cream Blush goes on beautifully when applied with the fingers, especially gently dabbed on the apple of the cheek. It leaves the wearer with a fresh-faced, “just back from a run” look. The cream blush can also be applied with a large (artificial hair) brush, gently swept over the cheek area.