Tips for Perfect Summer Skin in Seattle

Prep Your Skin for the seattle Summer

Here at Sarah Kahn Hair, we are always excited when summer is just around the corner. This is because, as we all know, summer is the time of the year you can be outside. It is also important to take care and protect your skin from harmful sun exposure. Lucky for you, we are here to guide you and show you how to take care of your skin during the Seattle summer months.



1. Start With a Clean and Fresh Face

To prepare your skin for protection from UV rays and all the exposure that summer brings to the skin, it is important to cleanse the face daily, once in the morning and again at night. Our favorite cleanser not only digs deep into the skin and extracts the impurities, but it leaves your skin squeaky clean. The Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser is a godsend that will remove both dirt and makeup. This foaming cleanser turns into a rich lather and is quite gentle on the skin. It also works well for those with more sensitive skin. Once you are done cleansing your face, you now have a fresh canvas to finish prepping before going out into the sun. You can stop by our salon in Queen Anne and pick this up before the heat gets here!

vital foaming cleanser.jpg


2. Balance the Skin with Nutrients and Vitamins

The next step after cleansing the face is to tone the skin. Toner is an extra step that will wipe away any leftover dirt and boost the exfoliation process. Our favorite for this is truly the Biologique Recherche P50 which has quite the cult following. P-50 helps to rebalance the pH of the skin, while provide lasting hydration and gentle exfoliation. Our neighborhood spa, Jill Bucy Skincare sells this amazing lotion in their store. 

PRO TIP: let us know when you’re coming by and we’ll snag you a sample! 


3. Hydrate the Skin to Perfection

One of the most important parts of any skincare routine is hydration. Whether it be moisturizer or a serum, you need to apply some sort of hydration factor to keep the skin supple and smooth. For the summer, we like to apply serums because they're a lot lighter and the absorption factor is A+. The best all in one serum you could use this summer is the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. This is a super-powered serum that delivers nutrient-rich botanicals and essential oils. Think of this as the Swiss Army Knife of face products. It is nourishing for the skin and provides a delicate balance of amino acids and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Here at Sarah Kahn Hair, we are proud to be the only Seattle retailer of this luxury face serum and are also extremely devoted fans. You can learn more about VD here


For those with more sensitive skin and would prefer to use products without essential oils or something non-oil based, YÜLI skincare carries the Ambrosia Beauty Nectar. This is a serum that is developed for drier and more mature skin, meaning it is more gentle and hydrating at the same time. It's hyaluronic acid technology is powerful in both healing agents and hydration. Please come into the salon and try this beautiful serum. You will love it!



4. Rehydrate and Refresh

The last step in our summer skin care process is to use a hydration mist. This is a great way to boost freshness and hydration. Apply before you use a serum or face oil to allow the product to penetrate deeper into the skin, or whenever you need a fresher. One of our favorite mists is the Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist which is a very gentle refreshing mist that works amazingly well to balance the skin tone. It is also completely vegan, cruelty free and environmentally conscious, just as we like it. You can find the Mineral Mist in our green beauty haven as well. 

Pro tip: Put this in your fridge so the mist is more refreshing on a hot day and doubles as a setting spray!



Now that your skin is all taken care of, you can finally take on anything in the Seattle summer heat!