The Beauty of Face Oils

The best face oils for every skin type


New to face oil? Well, you're in for a treat! As multi-use products that are versatile for all months out of the year and in many types of uses, facial beauty oils should be an essential step in your makeup or skincare routine. We love facial oils because they are formulated with natural oils that help rejuvenate the skin and also help prep the skin for spending a day outside with makeup on. Facial oils are perfect to add as a moisturizer to your skincare routine and as a primer for your makeup. It's an all-in-one! Check out some our favorite green, organic, natural, and female-founded brands and test them out in our store!

Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil

The Beautiful Oil by Kjaer Weis is a facial oil made from the ingredient Dioscorea Batatas also known as "The Root of Light". Formulated with ingredients that help keep the skin smooth, Kjaer Weis has made this a gentle, extremely hydrating facial oil that will leave you moisturized yet not oily, which makes this suitable for many skin types. You can use the oil as a moisturizer AND as a makeup primer. We personally feel like dabbing some of the oil on top of our makeup leaves our skin dewy and gives a  soft glow. This organic and natural oil is made with integrity and thought. We love The Beautiful Oil, and like all Kjaer Weis products, it also comes in a refill as well! 


Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

The Active Botanical serum is an active oil that not only has amazing skin properties to help improve the skin beneath the surface, but the oil also helps to color correct with anti-inflammatory and redness correction. It also contains properties that help to restore and heal the texture and moisture of the skin to produce a natural radiance that really gives you that glow-from-within look. This is one of the most raved about facial serums, and for good reason too! This is our go to multi-tasker; there really isn't anything Vintners Daughter cannot correct when it comes to skin. Not to mention the fragrance alone of the 22 different botanical essential oils is an experience on its own. Check here for the push press method and make sure to shop local here!


RMS Beauty Oil

The RMS Beauty Oil is another oil that is simple, pure and organic. It focuses a lot of it's ingredients on antioxidant protection. While also giving you a radiant glow, this oil also contains the exotic and rare Buriti Oil which is known to also help filter UV rays as an added benefit to the oil's protective properties. Rose Marie Swift, the founder, is a complete badass and we love being one of Seattle's only vendors of RMS Beauty. We love that we can use this oil year round and find that it is incredibly lightweight and works perfectly as a moisturizer worn on under makeup. Find this gorgeous and affordable oil in our Seattle salon or shop online here!


Herbivore Botanicals Facial Oils

You may have heard of this brand. As a well known, locally-based organic skincare brand, Herbivore Botanicals has made its rounds around the green beauty community AND the world! The best part is the founders are our friends and clients! We love the fragrances and the amazing essential oils that Herbivore Botanicals use in their products. We carry 3 facial oils from Herbivore Botanicals. The Lapis Facial Oil, made from Blue Tansy oil and made to look like the deep blue Lapis Lazuli stone, this oil's special properties include amazing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that heal the skin and smooth the complexion. The Phoenix Facial Oil is made with a blend of botanical oils and the skin-renewing CoQ10 oil which rehydrates and renews the skin at a cellular level to give you skin that looks brand new and fresh. Lastly, the Orchid Face Oil is a color correcting oil that will add that extra boost of color and glow to the skin to make you look young and smooth. You really cannot go wrong with any one of these gentle and amazing oils. Plus they look gorgeous on your sink or vanity! These and many more Herbivore Botanical goodies can be found in salon or online on our store here!


We hope you enjoyed our guide to some of our favorite facial oils and why they are amazing. Every brand has their own spin on face oils and how to use them. If you ever get overwhelmed by all the choices, stop by the store and we can guide you towards which facial oils will suit your needs and skin type perfectly.