Makeup Tips to Take on A Summer in Seattle

Feel Fresh and Clean this Summer

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Are you getting your beauty routine ready for summer? Well, you've come to the perfect place! This is a part two to our Summer Skin blogs, you should check out our Summer Skincare Tips before moving onto the makeup and beauty. Our makeup tips will have you ready for the heat and the poolside relaxing, which we know you want to look good for. In addition, we recommend products that are not only perfect for summer, but eco-friendly, vegan, and natural. So, let's dive in!


Stay Hydrated

You will hear this time and time again. Drinking water does wonders for your skin and your health in general. In the hotter summer months, you will tend to lose more water to the heat and you need to make sure that your hydration deposits are replenished so that the body and the skin can function healthily. As usual, aim for 8 glasses of 8oz of water, so about 64 oz total, or just under 2 liters of water. 


Pro-Tip: If you're having trouble enjoying drinking water, add some fruit or drink some iced tea to switch it up and still get those 8 glasses in.



Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

Maybe it's about time to start listening to your mama and put on sunscreen during the summer months. Sun exposure can do a lot more damage than you think, from speeding up the aging process to giving you extreme sunburns. It's always important to protect your skin before you go outside and before you put on your makeup for the day. An amazing sunscreen we highly recommend is the Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, $32. This sunscreen is so easy to put on the skin and won't show up patchy or white.



Less is Best

Using less foundation can make you feel and look a lot better in the summer. You want to be able to look good while wearing less, and it's great for letting your skin breathe. Our advice for this is to spot treat and conceal. Wipe away the full face routine and only cover up areas like under eye circles and blemishes. Not to mention, this will cut your makeup routine time drastically when you leave out the full face. Our two current favorite organic and natural green foundations are the Kjaer Weis Foundation, $68 and RMS Beauty's Un-Cover Up, $36. Both are cream foundations that make it easy to spot conceal and blend. The RMS Un-Cover Up is a great foundation to throw in our bags and head out; its perfect for touching up with throughout the day. Kjaer Weis is a semi-matte finish and perfect for daytime or night. Come in and try on both!

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Get Your Glow On

In addition, use products that will complement your skin in the summer and make you feel great while also being light on the skin. A must have is highlighter, and one of our favorites comes from RMS Beauty. Their Living Luminizer, $38, is an all around highlighter that can be used on all the high points of the skin and give you that sheer, beautiful glow. Plus, it looks amazing on all skin tones. Pick it up in our store!


Give Your Lips Some Love

Never forget about the lips. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, it is also important to keep your lips hydrated and plumped. Try out Kjaer Weis's The Lip Balm, $50, for an ultra-hydrating and smoothing balm. It is formulated with Brazilian Nut Oil and Chamomile to really emphasize the smoothing and richness of the balm. 



Add Some Soft Color

Now that your base is done and your skin is fresh and flawless, add a little pop of color to add dimension to your face. We love the RMS Lip2Cheek products, $36, especially because they are small pots that you can throw in your bag on the go. These are sheer, hydrating and give you just the right amount of color without going overboard. Try out the color modest for a more natural, all-around blush look, or paradise for a more muted dark pink. You can find both in our salon's store in Queen Anne!


Open Up Your Eyes

Wearing eyeliner, especially dark eyeliner, can feel and look too heavy on the face on a nice summer day. Instead, try wearing only mascara. It will still make your eyes pop without melting off throughout the day. You have to make sure you can find a mascara that will really bring out your eyes and keep the lashes looking amazing. Not to mention, it's gotta be able to last the entire day without coming off. Our favorite mascara for the summer is the Kjaer Weis mascara, $28, made with a specially designed wand to make every lash look flawless. Plus, this is also an amazing mascara for those with more sensitive eyes. 


Now you are ready to take on the summer and look good doing it too! If you are building up your summer makeup collection, look into getting more vegan and natural makeup or skincare. And please feel free stop by our salon at the MarQueen hotel in Queen Anne to test out and pick up some of the products mentioned above!