Seattle Heatwave Approved Makeup

Keep Your Makeup Looking Good in the Heat


It's that time of the year again! Now, most of us know that summers in the Pacific Northwest consist of mild, slightly humid days in the mid-70's. However, we also know that there's always those few weeks in July and August where the temperature can reach up to 90 degrees! Make sure to follow our tips to make your makeup look and feel fresh through these long and hot summer heatwave days.

1. Wash Your Face with Cool Water

Nothing gets the day going like a splash of cold water. This is the easiest and fastest way to cool off your face and cleanse for the day with a fresh, clean start. Keep the water cool enough, but not too cold that it will close your pores!


2. Prep Your Face with a Hydrating Mist

Use a hydrating mist before putting on the makeup to give it an extra boost of freshness and to prime the face with moisture before putting on any product. Using a hydrating mist throughout the day also helps to freshen up makeup after a few hours. We really love the local brand Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Mist because of it's amazing smell and skin-softening properties. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to keep your mist in the fridge during the summer to add a kick of coolness when using the spray. 


3. Apply a Moisturizer with SPF

To start off with a good base, be sure to apply a light moisturizer with SPF. It is important for it to be light so the makeup won't go on heavy. An SPF of at least 30 is necessary for these hot summer days so be sure to keep your skin protected from the sun's rays. One of our favorites for the summer is an ultralight moisturizer from Josh Rosebrook. The Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream is a dual action moisturizer that contains protection properties and moisture for the skin as well as an SPF of 30. 


4. Conceal Imperfections

Since it's so hot out now, it may not be ideal to use a full coverage foundation on the face as it may very well melt off. But, in order to cover up some imperfections, it is important to use a concealer for areas that really need the coverage. We highly recommend the RMS Un-Cover Up because it blends in beautifully and comes in a pot that's small enough to throw in your bag and reapply with the fingers if necessary. 


5. Use a Highlighter

To add a pop of glow and to make your skin look bright, use a highlighter! This is the perfect way to let the sun's light reflect off your skin and make you look like a glowing goddess. Pick up the RMS highlighter in Living Luminizer to glow up your cheek bones and cupid's bow.


6. Add Dimension to the Eyes

Eyeliner is way too heavy in these hot days and could sweat off in the heat. A light coat of mascara is the perfect way to give some definition to the eyes without being over the top. The Kjaer Weis Mascara is an SKH favorite as an all around product. 1-2 coats will give you long lashes and also provide a full boost of volume to make the eyes look wider and brighter!


7. Finish Off with the Lips

The last and final step is to make sure to have lip gloss or lip balm on hand. Having color on the lips looks nice and it also feels a lot better when the lips are smooth as well. We love the PNW based brand Olio E Osso which makes balms of all colors that can be suited for the lips, cheeks or anywhere on the skin! It's an all-in-one made with natural ingredients that soften the skin. 

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Now, cheek color is optional because at this point, aren't we all naturally flushed by now! SEATTLE IS HOT!

Please come check out our hair salon in Lower Queen Anne and if you don't already know we're the perfect place to find that niche green beauty product you've been looking for!

Stay Cool!