Sarah Kahn Hair's Tips to Get the Best Haircut

Sarah Kahn Hair's tips on how to get the best haircut. 

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Bring in a Picture 

Bring in a picture of yourself when YOU have liked your hair not a picture of Minka Kelly. Just remember these models have a team that travels with them to keep them looking they way they do. Now wouldn’t that be nice?


Be Ready

If you are going for a big style change make sure you are at least 80% ready. No regrets please!

Be On Time

Be on time! This is a big one because it allows us to spend the full appointment solely focusing on your end goal and this way no one will feel rushed.


Be Realistic

Be realistic. If you don't style your hair, please don't let Instagram make you think that beautiful waves happen in 5 minutes (they don't) . BE YOU, we like you! But with that said styling hair takes product. It doesn't need to be an extensive routine, but realistically, it's most likely going to require more than 1 styling product to re-create what we do behind the chair.


Understand What you are Getting Into

Decide how much maintenance you are comfortable with prior to the cut and communicate that to your stylist. We feel that 6-8 weeks is the perfect amount of time for most people to come back into the salon. If you require longer amounts of time between visits, make sure that it is known prior to any cutting.

Ask Questions!

Ask styling questions! At SKH we love to walk you, the client through what were doing when we're styling so you can have better luck recreating the look at home! Some clients even record us blow drying their hair so they can practice at home.


To make an appointment with us at our Boutique Seattle Salon, you can book online here or call us at 360-421-7112.