Sarah Kahn Hair BEAUTY Q&A



1. What are your top 3 Holy Grail Skincare Products?

Answer:  Vintners Daughter as a serum, Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream and Biologique P-50 with Phenol. These are the 3 best products that comprise a great moisturizing and treatment routine for the skin. Check out Josh Rosebrook and Vintner's Daughter in our store here and Biologique at our favorite neighborhood Spa, Jill Bucy!


2. What Do you Do to Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Answer:  I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, do weekly conditioning treatments and always use a heat protectant prior to hot tools. I also get regular haircuts. All these tips are key to keeping hair healthy. In order to grow long hair, it's important to trim the split ends every few months and to use a heat protectant so you will have fewer split ends in the long run!

3. What Beauty Product Can You Never Leave the House Without?

Answer: I always carry Olio E Osso #1 , my lips are constantly parched and this gives me a non greasy finish I love. It's the perfect balm as a base for any lip color or to add a natural sheen on top of a matte lip.


4. What Made You Choose to Start Using Green and Organic Beauty?

Answer:  I was sick of not knowing what I was putting on my skin and being an animal lover, it was equally important to work with companies that didn’t do any animal testing. I also loved that the botanicals and plants were coming first in the ingredient list instead of chemicals.

5. What's Your Favorite Restaurant in Seattle?

Answer: Hmmm. Probably Machiavelli  for nostalgia or Westward for the view. Machiavelli is a classic Italian restaurant nestled in Capitol Hill. It's the perfect place for a quiet date night or when you want to get your Italian fix. Westward Cafe is known for it's scenic spot on the water, serving up delicious seafood and a fun brunch menu


 We hope you enjoyed this Thursday blog! If you have any other questions, leave a comment or stop by our salon in Queen Anne. Book us online here!