Rahua Hydrating Launch


One of our favorite brands is back at it again! Rahua by Amazon Beauty has launched amazing shampoo and conditioners developed to hydrate the hair. Rahua is a brand we love because not only do they produce high quality products, but they also take advantage of the use of Rahua oil from the amazon to promote healthy and luxurious hair. This oil is amazing and has been used deep in the amazon for thousands of years in Amazonian Beauty Rituals. 

Now, we have been blessed by their brand new Hydration shampoo, $34 and conditioner, $36. We are excited about these because not only do they deliver maximum hydration to the hair, but they also help replenish dry strands and make your hair as silky as it can possibly be. They are made with the best oils that your hair could ask for and to top it all off, it'll make your hair smell like passion fruit and mango!

If you want to come check it out, stop by our salon, Sarah Kahn Hair in the MarQueen hotel in Queen Anne. We are one of the only retailers of Rahua here in Seattle, and we would be happy to have you!