Nuori Skincare at Sarah Kahn Hair


Seattle's Freshest Skincare Line

Nuori products are amazing skincare products dedicated to giving you the most fresh, clean glow you could want using all natural and pure ingredients. Everything from the clean packaging down to their ingredients will delight the minimalist inside you. Nuori is a skincare line that doesn't just make make products for your face but your entire body as well. Using their products will make you feel fresh, clean and amazing. 

Here at Sarah Kahn Hair, we are happy to be a retailer of these small batch organic products.  Get your Seattle skin summer ready with our top picks from Nuori!

Our favorite part about Nuori and what sets them apart is their philosophy of freshness, click here to find out more.  It allows the product to be extremely pure – 100% free from artificial preservatives and other synthetic additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products.


Vital Foaming Cleanser

The Vital Foaming Cleanser is an amazing creamy foam cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without being harsh on your skin. Antioxidants combat redness and irritation while botanical glycerin keeps the skin feel smooth and supple. 

To Use: Use 1-3 pumps on dry skin and massage to a creamy foam before rinsing off with water. 


vital foaming cleanser.jpg

Enriched Hand Wash

The Enriched Hand Wash in a refreshing hand wash made with gentle cleansing agents and enriched with White Tea Blossom extract, made with a custom blend of essential oils. 

This is a great hand wash to add to your guest bathroom to make your guests feel luxurious and clean at the same time. 

To Use: Massage into hand and fully wash with water. 



Vital Body Balm

The Vital Body Balm is an all-over body treatment. It is a blend of avocado oil and shea butter, making it rich in texture and easily absorbed into your skin, not to mention intensely hydrating. This balm helps restore smoothness and softness and antioxidants help with redness or irritation. 

To Use: Apply all over the body after bathing. Increase application on drier skin. 



Vital Hand Cream

The Vital Hand Cream is a beautifully scented hand cream for you to carry around in your purse or to keep at home. This hand cream effectively restores moisture in the skin as well as smooth out fine lines. It's hydrating agents are incredibly effective and will alleviate extremely dry skin on elbows, knees and feet. 

To Use: Apply 1-2 pumps on hands, nails and cuticles. Massage until thoroughly absorbed.