Kjaer Weis Refillable Products

Organic Brand Spotlight: Kjaer Weis

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today, we would like to share an amazing feature of one of our favorite brands, Kjaer Weis. It's no secret that we love and advocate natural and organic products. Who says makeup can't be eco-friendly? This is why Kjaer Weis is a pretty special brand to us because they go above and beyond with their eco-design packaging. Today, we would like to introduce Kjaer Weis's refillable products. Kjaer Weis refills everything from foundations to lip gloss. We also carry all of these in our store, so stop by to try these on or get your refill and check out all the organic and green natural brands we carry!


The Kjaer Weis Foundation, $68 and refill, $40

A sheer cream foundation that helps moisturize the skin while also making the face look flawless and natural. 

KW foundation.jpg


The Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, $56 and refill, $32

A cream blush that can be applied for a more sheer coverage or built up to add a more intense color. 



Kjaer Weis Lipstick, $56 and refill, $36

An ultra-rich lipstick that moisturizes your lips with a velvety-smooth finish.



Kjaer Weis Lip Tint, $49 and refill, $29

Made with high quality jojoba oil and beeswax, this lip tint makes sure that the lips stay hydrated while also providing a sheer hint of color that is luxuriously creamy. 



We absolutely love and swear by all these products and the only thing that makes them better is the fact that we can refill them without throwing out the packaging. If you are interested, please feel free to stop by and pick some of these amazing products up!