Josh Rosebrook

We are very happy to introduce a new brand in our green beauty space,  Josh Rosebrook! This amazing company spends their time researching and adding organic, rejuvenating ingredients that help supplement skin and hair's natural self-healing process. Using anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients, Josh Rosebrook amazes us with clean products that do their job! Here at Sarah Kahn Hair, we carry both Josh Rosebrook skincare and haircare products. If you're looking for something that is simple, natural, and effective come and pick up these products in our Seattle apothecary/salon!


To give you a hint of what we love about this line, we want to introduce some of the best and highest rated Josh Rosebrook items in our store. 

Skincare: Hydrating Accelerator

We love this product because it's a 3-in-1. As a toner, hydrator and light moisturizer, it is the perfect product to speed up your morning skincare routine by 3 full steps! Using a combination of organic Aloe water and vital nutrients, the hydrating accelerator is the perfect way to add anti-inflammatory properties and supple hydration to the skin in the most natural way possible. 


Haircare: LIFT Hair Texture and Volume

One of the hair styling products that we have received from Josh Rosebrook is the LIFT Hair Texture and Volume spray. This is a lightweight, all-natural volumizing spray that will help protect the scalp while providing a weightless feeling to the roots so your hair making the locks look much more full. 


We hope you can stop by the salon and check out our newest launch!