Enso blowdryer vs the Dyson

Enso blowdryer vs. Dyson 

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In Sarah Kahn Hair we use the Enso Epic Light Pro blowdryer. This dryer is the absolute best for so many reasons. First its high powered DC motor allows the hair to be dried faster without being louder. This is so key both at home and in the salon! It has all the features you want, cool shot, ionic intel system to best achieve the styles you want to create (“off” for volume or “on” for sleek). The use of ceramic technology purifies the outgoing airflow and fights the aging effects of harmful free radicals caused by carbon dioxide. This dryer also protects colored hair and improves color longevity. 

So we had to try the Dyson, well because of the hype! I bought one off Sephora, I have to say that was my first Sephora order in quite a while. The dryer came beautifully packaged and its small body would be nice for travel. When I turned the dryer on I was disappointed by the air flow power. I was going to use this dryer at home but after several tries I had to return it. A dryer needs to push air without compromising the hair and when tested side by side the Epic light pro dried hair at least 15 mins faster than the Dyson. 



PRICE. The Dyson retails for $399 The Epic Lite Pro retails for $240. You have to wonder how much of this Dyson hype is marketing. For our clients and ourselves we like a dryer we know will give you the best blowout regardless of price. Come into the salon and try one out today. We also book a Blow Dry lesson as a service. Call Sarah Kahn Hair at 360-421-7112 to make your first appointment today! 


XO Sarah Kahn Hair