Battington Lashes

Our Favorite Natural Lash


Battington Lashes are a new favorite in our salon as it is not only certified organic and green beauty approved, but these are incredibly high quality eyelashes that can outperform any rival on the market. These lashes are amazing because they are handmade from 100% silk. This means that not only are they high quality, but they are incredibly lightweight and won't weight down your eyelids like regular lashes. The best part about these being carefully hand-crafted and made from silk is that these lashes can be re-used up to 25 TIMES; it's an investment more than worth making. Our best sellers are the Monroe, Kennedy and Harlow Lashes. 


In addition, Battington creates lashes for different eye shapes, which suits a diverse range of eyes and allows for a much more comfortable fit. They make you feel like the lashes were made for YOU!


You can pick up lashes right here in our salon store and we can show you how to put them on. Learn more about Battington here.